Sage Oak, in collaboration with parents, teachers, students, and the school’s leadership team, cultivates life long learners by recognizing students’ and parents’ needs for educational options. Sage Oak balances flexibility with accountability and high academic excellence for families seeking a non-traditional, personalized educational experience. Sage Oak understands the need for partnership in order for students to attain their personal academic goals.

Vision Statement for Our Students

Sage Oak students are intrinsically motivated learners who are well equipped for life’s challenges and serve their communities, while successfully pursuing their interests with integrity.

Areas of Vision

  • PERSONALIZATION: We will provide an educational experience of personalized learning and academic choice, within the state guidelines. Our learning model will afford families the peace of mind that they are participating in a program that will keep their students on track for learning, regardless of the school they attend.
  • SUPPORT: Our priority is to support individualized student learning by collaborating with the parent educator and the student. We will utilize staff strengths, professional development opportunities, and community resources to support our students in their journey to become lifelong learners and reach academic excellence.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We are committed to maintain sustainability through academic, fiscal, and legal accountability. We will meet criteria necessary to achieve renewal, ensure audit compliance annually, and continue compliance with legal regulations governing our school.
  • GROWTH: We are strongly committed to serving our community which will establish us as a leader in the independent study model. We will set ourselves apart through expertise, parent support and high academic achievement which will benefit our stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Student Centered: Support students in becoming lifelong learners.
  • Support: Provide the highest level of service to families and one another.
  • Integrity and Compliance: Remain compliant with the law to keep the school sustainable.
  • Positive School Culture: Welcome the input of every student, parent and staff member.
  • Streamlined: Aim to minimize paperwork and documentation for parents and staff to the extent possible.
  • Standard of Excellence: Strive to be the most exceptional personalized learning program.

Student Learning Outcomes

To meet the demands of the 21st century, Community Collaborative Virtual School-Sage Oak Charter School graduates will be:

Creative and Complex Thinkers

  1. Students will propose, evaluate, and use a variety of strategies, tools, and skills to produce solutions.

  2. Students demonstrate the ability to recognize and analyze problems from multiple perspectives including real-world situations.

  3. Students exhibit intellectual courage by advocating for their own learning, seeking help when needed, and persevering when challenged.

Effective Communicators

  1. Students are able to actively engage in a variety of topics through polite and respectful conversation.

  2. Students exhibit articulate, effective, and persuasive communication orally, visually, and in writing to a diverse range of audiences using a variety of methods.

  3. Students will engage in cooperative relationships with teachers and peers.

  4. Students use technology in various forms to effectively communicate and demonstrate knowledge.

Community/Global Participants

  1. Students are prepared to meet the demands of college or career; demonstrating various skills in seeking employment and/or college admission.

  2. Students show respect for self and others and celebrate cultural diversity.

  3. Students will make positive contributions to their community (e.g. register to vote, care for the environment, volunteer).

Empowered and Independent Learners

  1. Students are self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and demonstrate self-corrective thinking.

  2. Students are curious, inquisitive thinkers, dedicated to lifelong learning.

  3. Students plan and study effectively and efficiently using time management skills.

  4. Students actively participate in the creation and pursuit of personal, academic, and professional goals.